User-friendly services

Designed to meet the actual needs of the user

Reduction of public expenditure

Savings from the use
of ready-made solutions

Secure software development

The platform is certified
in accordance with the FSTEC of Russia requirements for information security

Quick launch of systems and services

LEGO approach, common standards and iterative design

Multi-tenant GovTech platform

The "GovTech" platform concept

The "GovTech" platform architecture enables to quickly prepare services for launch and scale government information systems (GIS) without significantly increasing the cost.


Public services

Applied services of interaction support with external users


Government data

Applied services of government data processing


Processes within agencies

Applied services of business process management and
support of activities


Technology services

Development tools, application integration, work with database management systems



Unified environment of infrastructure dynamic management


IT infrastructure

Equipment, communication channels, information security tools


Information security

Secure development. The platform components are certified by the FSTEC and FSB of Russia



Marketplace of digital products for government authorities


Platform management

Management tools for GIS development, testing and deployment

Unified approach

All “GovTech” platform solutions and services must comply with the platform principles, goals and requirements. The methodological recommendations have been developed to be consistent with the unified approach.

Feasibility study for GIS creation and development on the “GovTech” platform

The methodological recommendations on the feasibility study for government information systems’ creation and development on the “GovTech” unified digital platform of the Russian Federation

Data management policy

The methodological recommendations on the organization of the data management system of government information systems created, developed and operated on the “GovTech” unified digital platform of the Russian Federation

Development of government information systems using the “GovTech” platform

Draft of the methodological recommendations on the development of government information systems using the “GovTech” platform and determining the mandatory reuse of digital products of the “GovTech” platform in their creation and development

Requirements for suppliers

The methodological recommendations on imposing requirements for suppliers of computing infrastructure and cloud platforms in terms of information technology and information security technologies usage

GIS development using the iterative approach

The methodological recommendations on production process management of government information systems’ development considering the use of the iterative approach

“GovTech” platform dynamic infrastructure management

The methodological recommendations on the management of the “GovTech” platform dynamic infrastructure
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Iterative design

The user is our first priority. Our job is to make digital services convenient for users
and extend the customer-centric approach to development of information systems
at all levels of public administration.

Transition from isolated government information systems to domain services

The FGI «GovTech» is implementing a domain approach to the design of government digital services. The domain approach includes interdepartmental communication and technical capabilities. It forms robust and secure architecture of domain IT systems. Domain services are being designed according to the principles of client centricity.


Domain is an area of activity of government authorities and legal entities that belongs to the same sector of the economy and social sphere and has common consumers.